Through my many hours of cooking and experimenting on dishes and meals, I firmly believe that the best meals are those that are simple but USE THE BEST INGREDIENTS. No matter how experienced a cook you are, if the ingredients are not of good quality, the dish will not turn out well. A recipe is only as good as the ingredients one uses in it. Many chefs and cooks agree with me on this.

In EASY SPANISH COOKING 2, I made it a point to give tips on choosing the best ingredients and whenever possible, what substitutes are best for some ingredients.

What is new in this cookbook is that the recipes are grouped in special menus with suggested wine pairings to create the ambience of a Spanish meal. Nowadays, it is also important to consider the whole course of a meal: starters, soups, entrees and desserts so that the unique flavors of each dish complement each other. For example, a spicy and saucy main course may be paired with a light salad and a simple fruit for dessert. If you are planning a heavy creamy dessert to cap your meal, prepare a poultry or seafood dish with lots of vegetables as your entrée.

In Spanish meals, wines have equal importance. Although, we Filipinos don’t serve wines with our daily meals, it is good to know which wines will complement certain dishes so one can order the “right” wine in a restaurant or when you need to offer wines for special dinners at your home.

All the recipes here are measured for four servings. If you are preparing a meal for more people, you can add the ingredients by adding 1/4 or .25 to the measurements for each additional person you will be feeding.

You can cook another dish that will complement the dishes in the meal. You can start your meal with Tapas or side dishes that can complement your entrée. Spanish meals have a lot of side dishes because the Spanish are happy with tasting portions of the dishes served.

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