It has been some years since the release of my first book EASY SPANISH COOKING. Since then, friends, acquaintances and readers of the book have been asking for more Spanish recipes they can cook at home. I am happy to note that I received many good words about the recipes and the delicious repasts that came out of them.

Hence I went over my notebooks to gather more easy to cook recipes that my extended family would regularly request. The recipes here may seem like the ones in the first book. Spanish cooking, after all, relies on traditional cooking methods like braising, stewing and frying. The difference will be in the ingredients and spices used so new flavors and aromas are achieved. Also, I have included cooking tips that I have learned from my mother-in-law who is a superb traditional home-cooking expert and my own tips that I have improvised through my years of preparing the dishes. I understand that many home makers are multi-taskers and look forward to whipping up delicious meals in less than an hour!

This second cookbook marks another milestone of ESPA-FIL, the company my husband and I started. Our company is privileged to work with the best producers and manufacturers of ingredients essential to Spanish cooking like olives and olive oils, canned tomatoes and tomato sauces like MOLINERA.

Nowadays I notice that recipes abound on the Internet but few include tips on how to best cook the dishes. Many of the recipes look visually appealing and even I have tried them. To my dismay, not all taste as good as they look. I have decided to share the recipes and lovely photos of the dishes on our website so many more homemakers and budding cooks can try them out. The recipes I have selected here have been tried and tested so many times by myself and the various cooks who have worked in the kitchen with me.

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