These are called banderillas because they look like the two barbed darts (actually called banderillas) that bullfighters use during a traditional Spanish bullfight. Banderillas are one of the easiest appetizers to whip up. All you need is to stack up olives, cocktail onions, pimientos, and gherkins. For added color and flavor, simply add in cubed cheese, cherry tomatoes, and hardboiled quail eggs.

What you will need

  • 12 pcs Molinera Green Olives (pitted)
  • 12 pcs Molinera Cocktail Onions
  • 12 pcs Molinera Pickles in Vinegar
  • 12 pcs Molinera Artichoke Hearts (cut in halves)
  • 12 pcs Molinera Red Pimientos (cut into strips)

You may add:

  • 12 pcs Fresh cherry tomatoes
  • 12 pcs Hard boiled quail eggs



  1. Skewer all the ingredients alternately on bamboo sticks
  2. Serve with wine, or sangria



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