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Founded in 1987 by Pablo and Maria Luisa Garcia-Morera, Espa-Fil Import Export Corp. stemmed from the desire to introduce the best of Spanish and other European food products to the Filipinos. Espa-Fil began its operations in the bustling commercial district of Sta. Cruz, Manila. The first products Espa-Fil introduced were canned fruits and vegetables by well-known Spanish brand, Molinera. Olive oils and canned tomatoes by the same brand soon followed, and since then have become staples in many Filipino kitchens.

After the success of Molinera, Espa-Fil began importing several other products such as juices by Don Simon, and wines from J. Garcia Carreon. Espa-Fil’s own brand, Capri, has also been well received by consumers, restaurants, and hotels all over the Philippines. 6 years after its establishment, Espa-Fil outgrew its home in Sta. Cruz and in 1993, transferred to its current location at #5 Cordillera St., Mandaluyong City.

Patience, determination and vision fueled the ever-increasing momentum of Espa-Fil. With its workforce expanding from 3 to more than 80, Espa-Fil currently has 3 warehouses to accommodate its stockpile of around 300 different items. Primarily importing only Spanish food products, Espa-Fil has, through the years, developed a wider array of products. Although Spain is still the dominant supplier, some products now come from other European countries such as Italy and France.

Espa-Fil celebrates its milestone 30th year of operation this September 2017.

Pablo Garcia Morera II

Pablo was born in Campo Real, Madrid, Spain. A modest town of 6,000 inhabitants, Campo Real is famous for its delicious olives and cheeses. Pablo’s love affair with the Philippines began when he met his future wife, Marilou, through mutual friends during her studies in Madrid. When it came time for Marilou to leave Spain, Pablo decided to follow her to the Philippines where they eventually got married and started a life together.

Pablo learned English by reading the newspapers and taking a few classes in Ateneo de Manila. For 10 years, he managed an LPG distribution company based in Manila. It was not until Pablo met the son of Molinera founder, Don Vicente Hernandez Perez, that the concept of Espa-Fil came to pass. After much talk and negotiation, the two men struck a deal and partnered to bring Molinera into the Philippines.

Espa-Fil was officially established in September 16, 1987, and Pablo continues to play an active role as President of Espa-Fil, which has grown from importing only 1 container per year, to over 150.


Maria Luisa “Marilou” B. Garcia – Morera

Marilou was born in Manila and is the eldest girl of 5 siblings. Upon graduating from university, Marilou travelled to Madrid, Spain to further her studies. It was there where she met Pablo. After one year in Spain, Marilou returned to the Philippines [followed by Pablo half a year later] and joined the family construction business, Fil-American Hardware.

Marilou continued to work for Fil-American Hardware until she, together with her husband, Pablo, established Espa-Fil.


Marga Garcia – Morera Blake

Marga is the eldest daughter of Pablo and Marilou Garcia-Morera. Marga spent her high school in Poveda and graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Ateneo de Manila University. After receiving her degree, Marga moved to Aix en Provence, France for one year to study culture and language, then moved to Madrid, Spain for three years where she worked in Marketing for R.L. Polk.

In 2004, Marga left Madrid to continue her studies in Boston, where she received her MBA from Boston College. Marga moved back to Manila in 2006 and is now the Vice President of Operations at Espa-Fil.


Pablo “Pacholo” Garcia – Morera III

Born on May 8, 1980,Pacholo is the second child and only son of Pablo and Marilou Garcia – Morera. He attended grade school and high school in Xavier and eventually graduated from Ateneo de Manila University. Immediately after his graduation, Pacholo moved to Madrid, Spain and worked for the Philippine Embassy in Madrid for a year and a half before returning to the Philippines to work as a copywriter at advertising agency, Lowe Inc.

After his stint in advertising, Pacholo decided to start training for the family business. He dabbled in sales as a Key Accounts Manager at Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, and then returned to Madrid where he received his MBA from Instituto de Empresa. He is currently the acting Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Espa-Fil.












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